• Lovin Wipes, the first intimate wipes ever specifically designed to meet the needs of consenting adults.

    Swipes Lovin Wipes are much more than just your average feminine wipes; they are biodegradable eco wipes, which means that they are as good for you as they are for the earth.

    Compostable, septic safe and truly flushable, Swipes Lovin Wipes are made using earth-friendly manufacturing processes. In fact, 98% of the resources used to create these adult wipes are completely renewable.

Swipes Lovin Wipes are the all new, all Natural Flushable Wipes

Most wet wipes on the market today are not truly flushable. They can clog septic systems and damage the environment. But Swipes Lovin Wipes is one of the best 100% flushable wipe on the market today, and they are just as good for you as they are for the environment. Swipes are safe for all sewers and septic systems, and can even be safely disposed of in compost piles because they are completely biodegradable.

Swipes Lovin Wipes are the only flushable wipe made with pure water, all natural fragrances, and no harsh chemicals like alcohol or chlorine, so you know they are safe for your most intimate areas. They are also made from 98% renewable resources, and the package contains about 70% less plastic than the common pop-top style containers used by traditional wet wipe companies. When you buy Swipes, you are also supporting a product that is proudly made in the United States, so you are supporting American jobs, stimulating our economy, and also protecting yourself and your loved ones from substandard or unregulated foreign manufacturing practices. Read More

Swipes flushable wipes are the perfect solution for quick, easy cleanup before and after intimate encounters.

Using a Swipes flushable wipe to clean up after sex is certainly the much more hygienic method than using a sock you find lying around, the bathroom towel off the floor, and much more effective than dry paper or tissues. And most importantly, you have the convenience of just flushing it down the toilet and not throwing it in the trash! Swipes Lovin Wipes are eco friendly and hygienic choice.

 Who doesn’t want to feel fresh before intimacy? Feeling fresh can give you confidence, and make your intimate moments with your partner stress free and all natural. For spontaneous moments when you don’t have time for a shower, having a Swipe flushable wipe in your purse or car may be just what you need to feel perfectly clean and ready. Swipes are 100% flushable and dispersible, and safe for use in all sewer and septic tanks. You can even dispose of our wet wipes on the compost pile, now that’s natural! Read More

Swipes Lovin Wipes can help keep you and your partner Healthy and Happy with SLW flushable wipes.

Studies have shown that healthy hygienic practices, like using a wet flushable wipe to cleanse yourself and your partner before and after sex, can reduce the risk of common infections and irritations, and promote safer sexual practices. Using Swipes to make sure you’re fresh and ready may increase your ability to share spontaneous intimate moments with the one you love.

Healthiness is always important when considering an intimate encounter! Your partner will surely appreciate you taking the extra step to being a sanitary individual. So Swipes Inc. has brought you a solution–Swipes Lovin Wipes, a natural flushable wipe that help keep you and you’re partner fresh and ready for business! And the best part is being able to flush the wipes instead of throwing them away! It’s a no mess hassle free wet wipe. Read More

The Importance of Flushable wipes

Swipes Lovin Wipes® are the all natural, eco-friendly choice when choosing a flushable wipe! Our wipes are biodegradable, compostable, and dispersible which makes them a truly flushable wipe!

Most wet wipes on the market today are not truly flushable. They can clog septic systems and damage the environment. They are only considered “flushable” because of their small size, allowing them to easily transit through the toilet and waste water system. But Swipes Lovin Wipes are 100% flushable Eco wipes that are as good for you as they are for the environment. Read More

Flushable Wipe vs. a Wipe with Flushability

Many people have been led to believe that a flushable wipe is flushable because they are safe for our septic tanks, they won’t clog our toilets, or they easily disperse in water like toilet tissue. But unfortunately that’s not the truth.

The term “flushable” has been around since the 1980’s. Scott Paper was one of the first to market a standard latex bonded airlaid wet wipe and deem them as “flushable” because of their small size. These wipes were considered “flushable” as long as the size was small enough to transit through the toilet and waste water system. Sure the product was “flushable” but it had no flushability. Many companies after Scotts’ continued to use the same flushable wipe claims due to the size standard that was in place. Until recently there were no industry guidelines nor any governmental regulations or restrictions for flushable wipe products. This was due to the lack of clarity on defining the word flushability or what was considered “flushable.” Many felt unclear; not knowing when flushing was considered an appropriate disposal mechanism. The situation caused many consumers, manufacturers, and stake-holders confusion. As a result, companies used their own definitions and methods to determine what constituted their product as a flushable wipe. Read More